Kaptain Kush


Love and Breakup Took Me 6 Years To Put Together

Hard work pays they say, but reaping the benefits of your labor in today’s Nigeria requires even extra effort aside those you put in to actualize the work in the first place. Kaptain Kush has always put in real life experiences into his music but in most cases never got credit for his works. This has lead to his journey in circles and the fact that he has had to restructure and re-do most of his recordings over the fact that they were either undone by the producer, tagged as unfit for the project or worse of it all, stolen!

We do not pray to experience set backs because it could be the worse and just that vital ingredient sufficient enough to fuel the process of giving up. Be that as dreadful as it is, many have found their way out of their dreams due to incidents as infinitesimal as these and the fact that some still held their heads high amidst the storms.

Kaptain Kush is one of those whom we can say have managed to triumph amonsgt such acidic atmosphere and has kept keeping on. Over the years, the plan to release his debut tape LOVE AND BREAKUP (L.A.B)., has come face to face with tragic upsets and backlash., only a strong positive will was all it took to keep the faith.

Finally, seas has been successfully sailed and tides has been calmed, hence it has become a reality the birth of a release long overdue.

Why it took this long, even though it has been briefly summarized in the opening paragraph of this article is majorly due to the fact that a prestigious platform would have sufficed to hold the brand “KAPTAIN KUSH” amongst others but, the artiste is proud to announce that THECITYCELEB holds the license to the project. That, and the fact the body of work is all done certifies that the project undoubtedly is set to sail.

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