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Interview With Guardian Nigeria

This Covers the recent interview Kaptain Kush had with the Guardian Nigerian Newspaper..

Can You Tell Us About The Plight Of Upcoming Artistes in Nigeria?

Let me first relate this to my personal experiences; as an upcoming act in Nigeria, access to a quality studio and music production is difficult. Yes, everybody owns a studio these days but everybody is not a professional sound engineer plus we all know that Nigerians are really paying attention to your production these days hence we suffer in this area. The process in involved in making music then putting it out all cost huge sums if you want to do it the right way so with no sponsors the upcoming artiste has a big hurdle to cross just to have a track done right.

How Can The Older Artistes Support The Up and Coming?

The older artistes can contribute to the upcoming efforts in a lot of ways, aside creating live platforms, the social media has become a great tool. I personally feel the older artistes who now have large followings on social media platforms should learn to shout out talents once in a while because we know they are watching. It is their field so they’re constantly looking out for great contents but then what do they do about it? Almost nothing. Just introducing a talent to your followers can do a lot to the career of the upcoming artiste, open doors and create an avenue to reach out to potential sponsors.

As An Upcoming Artistes and Afrobeat New Revelation, How Are You Keeping Up?

It is a difficult time and we are all hoping to pull through but even in every other niche, the keyword is consistency. I will keep hammering on the fact that social media has been and will continue to be a great tool. Upcoming artistes like me who knows what they are doing took advantage of the social media these period and let our voice heard.

We got more exposure more than ever and I would want to say this season has been more like a blessing in disguise for most up and coming who has got some initiative.

Do You think music can pay your bills, Considering the fact that the likes of Davido and Wizkid did not blow overnight?

I have believe in my music and so this question will come out a easy one for me. Yes I think music can pay my bills in the long run. I have received more positive comments and recommendations from the few years I have done music professionally and its a sign that music can and will pay my bills. If you ask me, I hold a firm believe on this aspect.

On the fact that Davido and Wizkid didn’t blow overnight only meant that they put a level of hard-work into their craft. I will not also pay blind eye to the fact that they had huge financial backings which is what most of us are pursuing. So do I have the backing? Not yet, but I know about the moves and places I have to reach out to that will increase my chances of striking a deal. I see their hustle and plight as a moral boost for my career and yet I still have a strong faith of turning out way better career wise.

Why are you doing music?

I do music for the passion and the potential. I do not take pride in scoring or judging myself so most of the time I put my self in positions to be rated. Surprisingly that is one of the reasons I am putting out a body of work so fast in my career, my already dropped E.P LOVE AND BREAKUP (L.A.B) even though it is a professional work is also a platform for people to either verify or certify that there is a future in my brand. I have the believe in me, I am trying to put the believe in people.

They say most upcoming musicians like you are G-Boys, Do you get this too?

Yes I do get this all the time and I get the misconception. Nigerian music artistes, especially the up and coming ones are engulfed with the urge to work on self branding at an early stage even in their local vicinity making them appear all flashy and stand out. This sends out a specific type of message to the people in the environs. How can a young boy still coming through life be this obsessed with flashy things hence they’re tagged G-boys because it is a norm in this country the believe to be successful as a youth only as a G-boy. Well it is a very unpleasant judgement and I feel the society should address the way they think. Most of us have side hustles and jobs. But our number priority remains to brand our self and our music with the money we make from our legal jobs.

What do you think is the greatest blessing for Nigerian musicians?

We are easily accessible in the international community and the fact that our sound has been accepted world wide is a huge blessing. It secures the future of a blown Nigerian artiste to a whole new level and that is why I will urge up and coming to keep their heads up because the sky is the limit. I believe an a-list artiste in Nigeria can easily be considered an international artiste alongside the likes of Offset, J.cole, Cardi B etc.

Nigeria is blessed in a variety of ways and it is left to we, the children of the soil to tap from the blessings; not forgetting the fact that some people actually paved the way for this. This is a topic for another day.

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