Kaptain Kush


Kaptain Kush drops new record soon

Talented Afro-Pop artiste, Kaptain Kush, also known as Lawrence Godwin Kingsley, is set to drop his long-awaited EP titled “Love And Breakup”.

The artiste confirmed he is applying finishing touches to the much-anticipated album.

When asked why the album was yet to hit the airwaves, Kaptain Kush cited the Coronavirus pandemic as the major stumbling block hindering the album release.

Kaptain Kush highlighted that “the muchly-anticipated album will embody a discography that is certainly going to outlive him”.

When asked the inspiration behind “LAB”, the artiste said, “Love and Breakup are two inevitabilities in life humans must accept and anticipate as they will occur either as a blessing or a lesson.”

Kaptain Kush also assured his fans that every single track on the album will captivate their thoughts and leave them with an evergreen musical memory.

Kaptain Kush has however not listed date for the full album release.

“Love And Breakup when released is expected to hit digital music platforms and media outlets,” he added.

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