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Kaptain Kush Is The New Face Of Afrobeat – Ace Producer Gzone

AfroBeat is currently congested with a load of undoubtedly talented people but one cannot stop to think that there is a missing piece. The Afrobeat is currently in a state of thirst and the need for perfection is on high demand hence there is a question on most lips. “Where is the missing peg?”.
I currently believe that Kaptain Kush might just be that square that has shaped up over time to fit in this circle we termed AfroBeat.

Why do I say so? Kaptain Kush has a good number of songs in digital stores already so there is enough work to judge him with., and judging from those works we have put together pieces and evidence to note without errors that his style will easily pass for advance tune in this genre. A touch of spiked lyricism and critical blend of melody intertwining to compensate a light vocals on club bangers can ease your judgment.

There is always that adjustment in an evolving genre that makes it stand out and the whole world awaits till one person finds it. It has happened over and over again in our world and it shouldn’t be a surprise that our latest discovery KAPTAIN KUSH has shown to be the one with the modification to perfect our great afrobeat.
A couple of acts are out there doing Afrobeats but we made our distinction from indented mind totally void of bias and when we say his sounds beats uniqueness, we are not trying to over sell the act.

Take for example the fact that he has taken a couple afro sounds and made remakes of them, those remake sound as though he is trying to show the original artistes how they would have made the song better in my opinion.
I am bold enough to dare you to make your own observations and bring your own conclusion, whether you download his old works or download his studio tape titled LOVE AND BREAK UP (L.A.B), then feel free to counter our observations and stand.

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